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5th November 2008

2:13pm: Well.
Guess I hate Mormons now.

21st January 2008

11:36am: Ho-lee

I have seen the top of the mountain. And it is ridiculous.

30th July 2007

2:16pm: Related Searches:
i am very disappointed dot jaypeg

17th March 2007

8:58pm: Shot from Guns
I went shooting for the first time today.  I enjoyed it immensely.  I want a gun now.

Also, I've adjusted to the idea of moving to California.  Life back to normal.

28th February 2007

9:06pm: I have neglected my journal.
My life is about to become bad very quickly.

(not because of journal neglect)

18th January 2006

8:40pm: Blind Fury.
Oh my God. Why is this movie so great?

4th December 2005

3:21pm: Something of Significance.
Claviarm and I have begun making plans to move in together. I am excited. Also, I have a job and am doing martial arts again, which are rather important. More on those later.

27th September 2005

8:59pm: Dreaming Again.
For a long time I have either been unable to remember my dreams or simply not dreaming at all (I assume the former is more likely). While I would have expected to enjoy their return, they have a tendency to wake me in the earliest hours of the day, from which point I lay half awake and half dreaming until I have to get up. I found it hard enough to get enough sleep as it was.

12th April 2005

3:23am: To my Californian Readers.
What is so appealing about In & Out fast food? Both times I tried it, it was as if someone had purchased a McDonald's hamburger and fries, put crispy lettuce on the burger and patches of skin on the ends of the fries, and served it at twice the price. I can only conclude you enjoy it so because you were told to do so. Shame on you.

I have now twice posted updates about food in lieu of something meaningful. It's coming eventually.

28th March 2005

8:49pm: That Time of Year Again.
Time to hunt the stores for Cadbury creme eggs.

25th February 2005

11:48am: Stupid Childhood Stories: A Double Feature.
When I was in elementary school, a girl started telling people I was the Antichrist. Really.

I eventually discovered it was because she thought I had been whispering during the intro to a Christmas song in music class. Which is sacrilege, I suppose. Or something to that effect. Of course, she wasn't even right about the whispering. I liked those songs.

In sixth grade, I was taking a geography test. For one of the questions, we had to list ethnic groups of the United States. I didn't know what that meant, so I wrote "beatniks and Eurotrash." (neither of which I knew the meaning of either)

I got the question right.

14th February 2005

11:32pm: Valentine's.
Claviarm doesn't like it when people speak well of him (isn't he modest? That's so good of him), so I'll make this as short as I can.

This is our second Valentine's Day together. He's the most important person in my life, and I love him dearly. There could not be a more wonderful person to with whom to spend spend my days.

He's a cutie, too.

7th February 2005

4:55pm: God's Plan.
Since I have nothing to post yet, I'll start with the old stories.

Last year, my friend died from "complications from a car accident." He had been going to school to become a minister. Do you know why he wanted to be a minister? I'll tell you why.

The year before that, he survived a car crash. It changed his outlook on life. He wanted to spread God's word. He wanted to help people like the Lord helped him.

I don't know if the first crash killed him slowly, or if he was in a second one; I couldn't tell from the obituary. I'm not sure which would be more appropriate. Or would that be ironic?
12:51am: Maybe Next Time.
This whole "having interesting things to post" deal isn't really panning out, so I will just say that Livejournal's refusal to capitalize certain links (usernames, especially) is infuriating.

17th January 2005

12:02am: A Star is Born.
I finally did it. We'll see how it goes.

I've created this journal largely for my own benefit and that of a certain rat. I doubt it will be of any interest to anyone else. I don't even know what I'll post here, but it will probably be irrelevant and stupid. At least I'll blend in.

Please feel free to post any comment you wish. I can take a joke. Or an insult, if that's what you want. Now I just need to post something that warrants comments.

I suppose I should get around to customizing my journal and setting up my friends list. And getting myself an icon, perhaps.

For now I'll just sit back and wait for my journal warming party.
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